Annual Potluck and Board Meeting

Bring a dish to share at the Annual DGCA pot luck and board meeting.   Welcome new board members and hang out with your fellow gardeners.   See what is upcoming this year.

Our amazing outgoing board president deserves a super high-five of appreciation for years of passion and dedication.

Everyone is welcome.   If you are not a member, become one today and be a part of our community.

Digging into Myrtles Betz’s Caladesi Victory Garden

Join us to learn how Great Floridian Myrtle Betz (1895-1992) cultivated community with the food she grew on Caladesi Island 100 years ago. Myrtle, a master gardener, learned growing basics from her immigrant father.  She then created her own approach to raising food for their pioneer home on Caladesi Island. Listen in as Myrtle’s granddaughter, Terry Fortner, a well known speaker, uses intimate archival photos and anecdotes to share:

– What varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs in the Caladesi garden of Myrtle Scharrer Betz
– Cultivation techniques used by Caladesi pioneers
– Buying, propagation and seed saving circa 1917

Speaker Terry Fortner enjoys celebrating the accomplishments of her maternal grandmother, Myrtle Scharrer Betz. From 1977-1983, with her grandmother’s involvement, Terry lived, worked, and grew a garden in a local citrus grove, an experience that has gained value with time’s passing.  Terry’s work life activities include being a teacher, horseback-riding instructor, and long time personal assistant to Gladys Douglas. She is active in Pinellas County historic preservation and proactive for projects at Caladesi Island.


Annual Board Meeting

Your participation is important to us!
Please join us in the garden for our annual meeting. We will be presenting the annual financial statement and discussing various issues for the ongoing operation of the garden.
This is a Pot Luck gathering, so we request that everyone bring a dish to share.
Paper plates, eating utensils, cups, water, and iced tea will be provided.
We hope to see you there, as it will be a great opportunity to meet with other gardeners and community garden members.
Dunedin Community Garden Association
Board of Directors

Annual Meeting & Garden Gathering

Bring a garden inspired dish to the annual meeting.  We will also be voting in officers and discussing the upcoming fundraiser.

Richard will be serving up some burgers, too.

See you there!